Guide to Crystals and gems

Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems
Learn how to unlock the remarkable secrets of
Crystals and Gemstones and increase your health, harmony, happiness and more.

Open Your Connection to Gemstone Wisdom
Now you can tune into the spiritual, magical and healing properties of gems and crystals - with this lexicon of gemstone wisdom.

Gain Immediate Access to Crystal Properties!
This Vast Resource of the Metaphysical, Spiritual and Healing Properties of Stones is the clearest, easiest to use Gemstone reference book!

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Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems is simple to use.
Find the information you want FAST!
Select the gems or property to:

  • Increase your wealth, abundance & success
  • Attract loving relationships with crystal energy
  • Awaken more joy and harmony in your life
  • Improve your memory and clear thinking
  • Accelerate your healing and aid well-being
  • Cleanse your home or office of negative influences
  • Expand your intuitive abilities and spiritual awareness
  • Tune into each stone with Lumari's special Gemstone Meditation Poems and connect with its higher powers

Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems helps you select the RIGHT STONES to Enhance Your Life!

Learn the SECRETS of Over 200 gemstones . . . This Guide contains 583 pages of gemstone wisdom in a searchable, book marked and linked e-book format that gives you easy, clear access to the powerful properties of gems, stones and crystals.

Filled with convenient lists of gemstones and their properties, this ebook gives you the easy access, to exceptional information about gems, crystals and stones that you can use right now.This powerful eBook is filled with beneficial information for you to enjoy. It is a practical, comprehensive and clear guide that reveals the mysterious powers of gems, crystals, and minerals.

"Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems is a comprehensive guide to crystals and gemstones. It is an essential resource for crystals and gems that reveals the attributes, metaphysical meanings, spiritual energies and healing properties of more than 200 of the most powerful and readily available gemstones. This guide is filled with easy to use and valuable information about the metaphysical attributes, healing properties, chakras, zodiac signs and planetary affiliations for each stone and so much more."
–David Riklan - Founder - The # 1 Self Improvement Web site on the Intern
Rob Lavinsky
"Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems" is an important, encyclopedic work that reveals the many attributes of the world of minerals. To my knowledge, this is the first book of its kind! It combines beautiful and respectful photography of crystals with studies on their spiritual and healing properties, so that the full range of gemstone appreciation can be seen in one place."
– Rob Lavinsky THE ARKENSTONE -
"We are deeply impressed! Lumari created a truly a far-reaching comprehensive guide to CRYSTALS and GEM STONES"! "This isn't just a BOOK. THIS IS AN ENCYCLOPEDIA AND A MAMMOTH EFFORT OF LOVE to assist humankind in understanding the power and blessing of our beloved crystal, gem and mineral queen dom."
"I recommend this excellent, extensive book to all mineral collectors and mineral friends. Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems is a superb work containing lots of information about the healing power of minerals. A truly wonderful book."
– Tivadar Pécsi- Agates from Hungary -

Experience the transforming qualities of the crystalline family.

Partner with the gemstone world and receive the benefits of their gifts. Gain a richer understanding of how they bridge the spiritual and physical planes with enlightening energy. Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems will help you connect with the unique properties of each gemstone. This efficient and easy to use book can help you discover the meanings and energy properties of gemstones that can empower, heal, and benefit your life in so many different ways.

HOW can Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems help you?

  • Learn which stones contain natural energies to increase luck, attraction, protection, love, self-improvement, creativity, tranquility, spiritual awakening, and more.
  • Find the right gemstones to help expand your consciousness and raise your personal vibration.
  • Locate the gems that will bring healing and therapeutic energies into your life, just by wearing them.

Gemstones and crystals have metaphysical and healing qualities that can support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They have been used for therapeutic, magical and spiritual purposes since throughout history. Many stones have the qualities of attracting beneficial energies. Others have strong protective forces. Some stones accelerate healing. Gems, stones and crystals have been used and revered in all traditions since the beginning of time.

Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems reclaims this ancient wisdom and brings it into our contemporary field. This book helps you deepen your awareness of the stones' gifts so you can harness and work with the powers and properties of gems in your everyday life.

With access to over 200 of the most powerful and readily available gemstones and their properties, qualities and meanings, you can expand your awareness and establish a holistic, energetic connection with the stone.

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This innovative and easy to use gemstone guide will help you choose a stone for many purposes. Whether you are looking for crystal healing tools, gemstone energies to attract special attributes or for an empowering piece of jewelry, Lumari's guide will give you immediate access to the rich and clear energies of stones.

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Discover the Special Powers of Your own Gemstones and Crystals.
Learn to work with these Hidden Properties to Enhance Your Life.

Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems is written in a clear and simple to use list format. As soon as you open this book you will have instant access to a stone's meanings and its metaphysical and healing powers.

Just look up the stone by name and the details accompanying each stone are right at hand. The individual gem page lists the stone’s attributes, general properties, healing properties and correspondences, chakras and astrological affiliations required to unleash their unlimited potential in your life.

Each individual gemstone two page spread includes the stone's common name, its description and color and a full page listing of its magical, metaphysical and healing properties. On that gemstone page you will learn about that stone's many different qualities to help and heal. You will see how you can consciously work with those qualities to benefit your life.

Plus, you will see a stunning full page photograph of the gemstone or crystal in the finest detail.

AND Lumari has included a very special Gemstone Meditation Poem for each stone, which will connect you to its deepest energies and bring you to a more profound connection with the spirit of that gem.

You will open a world of new possibilities when you can activate your gemstone's deeper powers. Once you learn the hidden secrets and powers of gemstones revealed in Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems, you will effortlessly bring more energy and talents into your life.

Topaz crystal

Choose the right stones
Look through all of the different stones that attract you and learn about their magical properties. Choose the stones and qualities that are right for you at this time.

Attract more abundance in your life
Browse the sections about abundance, wealth, prosperity and success. Discover which stones attract greater wealth and prosperity and use those stones to your advantage.

Find the special gemstone healing properties you want
Simply, scan the complete list healing properties and the stones that work with those healing energies to select the gemstones to augment your health and vitality.

Shop for or Buy the perfect gemstones, jewelry or crystals
Bring Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems shopping with you. This ebook quickly gives you expert tips and information for selecting the right stone and properties to enhance your life

Crystal Lovers and Gem & Mineral Professionals
Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems provides a wealth of gemstone information for your clients and yourself. This beautiful, lavish and mammoth book is filled with the powerful and practical secret energies of stones, and makes it immediately available. Fast, revolutionary and simple to use, this is an ebook your will constantly turn to for helpful insight into the crystal world. It's so easy that all you need is a laptop or any hand-held that can read a PDF file - and that's just about anything!.

You will find an in-depth listings and cross referenced sections on gemstones metaphysical and magical qualities, healing properties, precious metals, gemstone colors, and a complete list of birthstones. Learn about gemstone energy, choosing gemstones, cleansing stones and jewelry, and programming and activating crystals. You will also find sections on chakras which gemstones work best with each chakra. This book also contains a complete and in depth listing of gemstones and their astrological signs including what stones work best for what sign, astrological affiliation and planets of rulership. There is a very special section on a new understanding of healing - entitled The Healing Tree which helps everyone, health care professions and individuals alike tap into the flows of healing that can expedite the process of healing in new ways. Along with breath-taking photos of every crystal, each Gemstone has a listing of the locations it is found and mined.

Gemstone Enthusiasts - Once you begin to easily access this information, you’ll naturally discover the unlimited potential it has to help you understand gems and jewelry even more. Just look through Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems and discover the powers of the gems and jewelry you already own AND learn how to harness their secret energies to attract great things into your lives.

Mineral Collectors, Crystal Collectors and Enthusiasts - Discover the amazing powers of the stones you collect and cherish and learn how these dazzling beauties influence your life. Take Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems eBook to gems shows and buying trips and instantly gain additional information about the crystals you want to purchase

Jewelers and Artists - Create gemstone jewelry and special pieces with the extraordinary properties of gemstones. With Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems, you can combine the beauty of your creations with the properties of the gemstones and give your customers a value added experience.

Metaphysicians and Spiritual Thinkers - All you need is this enormous resource of the secret powers, magic and wisdom of gemstones and crystals and you can instantly access their positive benefits. In seconds you can magnetize these beneficial energies and share this wisdom with your customers and clients.

Healers and Energy Practitioners - Immediately access the valuable healing powers and properties of crystals and gems to add to your special skills and gifts. Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems provides a vast resource for the natural healing qualities of over 200 stones, and includes transformational meditations and a very special Healing Tree section that will bring unlimited new opportunities for your clients.

Professional jewelers, Mineral Dealers and Retailers - Share that metaphysical qualities of special gems and crystals with your clients and customers. With Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems on your store computer, laptop or iPhone, you can easily and instantly show your customers the gemstone properties are for diamonds, or tanzanite or amethyst, or any crystal and gem that want to purchase.Take Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems with you on buying trips on your laptop or hand-held. Simply, easily and immediately find the right stones for your art, your clients and your store.

All of the magical, metaphysical, healing and spiritual properties, qualities of gemstones listed in the Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems will enhance and increase your understanding of gems and instantly share this information with your clients and customers to enrich their appreciation of crystals and gems.

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This 584-page reference and guide to gems, stones and crystals is indispensable.

And . . . it's all written in a PDF e-book format so you can easily find and select each gem.
In a second, you can click through the bookmarks to find your special gemstone page. You can instantly scroll down through all of the gemstone listings and continue exploring the gemstone properties in this book. You can even search the terms of gemstone properties, zodiac signs, colors, healing properties and more, to find all the different entries for your desired search term.

You can take the Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems with you shopping. You can access it on your Blackberry or iPhone. If you're in the jewelry store or new age shop, you can look up the stones and crystals and select the right properties and gem on the spot. That's easy. That's convenient.

The uses for this book are absolutely endless and it's all in a convenient, eco-friendly, paperless format that gives you access to the properties, energies and gifts of gemstones in an instant.

Lumari in an Amethyst

Hi, my name is Lumari – internationally known psychic consultant, intuitive business consultant and author.
I want to introduce you to the inner properties of crystals and gems so you can experience their remarkable capacity and energy to uplift, augment and empower your life. I love gems and crystals. I love the mineral specimens and gemstones. I can feel their mystical powers and beauty.

The Crystal Ones and I have a special connection and relationship. Their powers, wisdom and inner secrets illuminate my life. Through the inspiration and guidance of the Gemstone Devas and my capacity to tune into their brilliance and energies, I knew I had to write a book that revealed the powers and qualities of gems and crystals. I wrote this special and empowering ebook so you can reap the benefits of the gemstone world and attract beneficial energies into your life.

Whether you are a Professional Jeweler, Mineral Dealer, Retailer, Collector, Metaphysician or Healer you can benefit from the wisdom in this book. Once you begin to use this guide, you’ll quickly discover its unlimited possibilities.

You see, as a psychic and a writer, My goal is YOUR SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT!
It’s time for you to access the gemstone secrets that will empower your life!

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"Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems" reveals the power of gems to change your life. Learn which gems and crystals protect against negativity, attract love and good fortune, and help you attain spiritual awakening and healing.

As soon as you begin reading my book you will be able to put the energies of gemstones to work for you. Now you can choose the right crystals to accelerate healing, generate greater wealth and business success, strengthen relationships, soothe emotions, increase spiritual awareness and empower your life. 

You can immediately find out which gem stones:

  • Attract good luck bring good fortune
  • Boost success into your life
  • Attract wealth and prosperity
  • Create passion
  • Help you think clearly
  • Improve your love life
  • Attract your soul mate
  • Increase spiritual energy
  • Accelerate healing
  • Magnetize money, abundance and financial flow
  • Help ensure the success of business ventures
  • Attract luck and increases good fortune

"Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems" is filled with beautiful, stunning full page photographs of world class gems and crystals from around the world. 

Most books cannot feature such large and detailed photos, but I have to share the real beauty of these stones! Many of these crystals are in private collections of esteemed mineral collectors. You will be amazed at the gorgeous photos and at the vast amount of secret metaphysical, astrological, healing and spiritual information within this book.

What makes this even more special? You can use this ebook any time and anywhere!

The beauty of this ebook is its cutting edge brilliance.
Immediately download Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems to your computer and have Instant access to all of the wisdom, healing, abundance, freedom, loving and spiritual qualities of the crystal realms.

Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems e-book is so easy to use.
You can access every bit of information about each crystal and gem, with just a few clicks! The wisdom contained within this ebook is supercharged for instant access.

Purchase this book and in minutes you can have all of this powerful information at you fingertips.

The eBook PDF format gives you quick access on your laptop or favorite portable device for more reading freedom.
Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems is available whenever and where ever you need it, and this gives you many advantages.
Access this eBook at home or at work or on the road . . . so anytime you like you can:

  • Look up the stone by name and discover it’s hidden meanings and powers
  • Look up the attribute to find out which stones attract wealth or love or peace
  • Browse by healing properties and discover the healing qualities of each gem
  • Decide which gem is right to wear for any situation
  • Find out if you are wearing the right jewelry to increase your own gifts
  • Choose the gemstones to match your mood
  • Buy the right new gems and crystals to increase your success and effectiveness
  • Forge a deeper connection with your growth and spirit with compatible gems
  • Tune into each of the stones with Lumari's special Gemstone Meditation Poems and connect with their powers.

PLUS - There is so much valuable and life enhancing information in this book, that I created the eBook so you could get started right away to reap the benefits of:

  • Over 201 gemstones and crystals Hundreds of breath-taking photos of the gems, crystals and minerals
  • A Detailed list of the spiritual powers, metaphysical properties and healing qualities of every stone
  • Information about the colors, planets, chakras and zodiac signs for each gem
  • Instructions on how to activate your stone
  • Instructions on how to clear your stone of past energies
  • AND Very special meditation poems for every single gemstone so you can tune into make a connection of your own with your gemstone.

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Lumari's Guide To Crystals asn Gems

Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems
the metaphysical and healing properties of gemstones

This great book will reveal the real secrets within the gems that will help you:

  • Attract positive energy and good fortune
  • Increase business
  • Find and keep true love
  • Boost your wealth
  • Achieve success
  • Improve your health and so much more!

Right now, for an investment of only $49.99, you will have a lifetime of access to the metaphysical and healing powers of gemstones and crystals. With its large full color photos and in-depth metaphysical information, you cannot find another ebook like it.

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