Guide to Crystals and gems

Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems: A LOOK IN THE BOOK:

This shows examples of the Gemstone Section of Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems.
This example shows the gemstone RUBY.

The first page featu
res a full page, full color photograph of the gemstone Ruby.
This page also includes a special Gemstone Poem Meditation written for that gem.

The second page features the many metaphysical and healing properties of Ruby, as well as information about the chakras,
planets, zodiac and more.
As you can see, one of the attributes for Amethyst is that it attracts and increases love and primary relationships.

If you have ruby jewelry at home or are attracted to that stone, you can just look up Ruby in the ebook and
discover all of the powerful attributes andqualities that this crystal imparts.

There are over 200 Crystals and Gemstones featured in this section alone!



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