Guide to Crystals and gems

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Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems eBook
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Discover the inner properties of Gems, Crystals, Minerals and more.
Guide to Crystals and Gems

Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems gives you the powerful knowledge to connect with the unique properties of gemstones. This huge ebook reveals the healing, metaphysical and spiritual properties of over 200 gemtones and crystals. With this ebook you can choose the right crystals and gems that will accelerate healing, generate greater wealth and business success, strengthen relationships, soothe emotions, increase spiritual awareness and empower your life.

This beautiful book will show you how to:

  • Work with gems to increase your good luck generate new opportunities
  • Choose the perfect stone to experience more success and fulfillment, generate greater wealth and reach your goals
  • Attract love, strengthen relationships and feel joy and peace
  • Find the right gemstones to raise your personal vibration and increase spiritual awareness
  • Increase your health and vitality, just by wearing certain gemstones
Benefit from the hidden properties of gems - 583 pages of crystal power.
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Learn the SECRETS of Over 200 gemstones . . .Lumari's Guide To Crystals and Gems contains 583 pages of gemstone wisdom in a searchable, ebook marked and linked e-book format that gives you easy, clear access to the powerful properties of gems, stones and crystals.

Filled with convenient lists of gemstones and their properties, this ebook gives you the easy access, to exceptional information about gems, crystals and stones that you can use right now.This powerful eBook is filled with beneficial information for you to enjoy. It is a practical, comprehensive and clear guide that reveals the mysterious powers of gems, crystals, and minerals.

"Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems is a comprehensive guide to crystals and gemstones. It is an essential resource for crystals and gems that reveals the attributes, metaphysical meanings, spiritual energies and healing properties of more than 200 of the most powerful and readily available gemstones. This guide is filled with easy to use and valuable information about the metaphysical attributes, healing properties, chakras, zodiac signs and planetary affiliations for each stone and so much more."
–David Riklan - Founder - The # 1 Self Improvement Web site on the Intern
Rob Lavinsky
"Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems" is an important, encyclopedic work that reveals the many attributes of the world of minerals. To my knowledge, this is the first book of its kind! It combines beautiful and respectful photography of crystals with studies on their spiritual and healing properties, so that the full range of gemstone appreciation can be seen in one place."
– Rob Lavinsky THE ARKENSTONE -
"We are deeply impressed! Lumari created a truly a far-reaching comprehensive guide to CRYSTALS and GEM STONES"! "This isn't just a BOOK. THIS IS AN ENCYCLOPEDIA AND A MAMMOTH EFFORT OF LOVE to assist humankind in understanding the power and blessing of our beloved crystal, gem and mineral queen dom."
"I recommend this excellent, extensive book to all mineral collectors and mineral friends. Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems is a superb work containing lots of information about the healing power of minerals. A truly wonderful book."
– Tivadar Pécsi- Agates from Hungary -
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The Gifts and Powers of Gemstones—A Personal Note from Lumari
Hi, my name is Lumari – internationally known psychic consultant, intuitive business consultant and author
I want to introduce you to the inner properties of crystals and gems so you can experience their remarkable capacity and energy to uplift, augment and empower your life.
Crystals and Gems have deep powers that resonate in specific vibrations that attract positive and beneficial energies, bring protection and repel negativity. You really can begin attracting good fortune, love, abundance and fulfilling your dreams … just by discovering which gemstones bring the special properties you seek and leaning how to work with these magnificent stones to empower your life.
Let me tell you, these amazing gemstone properties and powers of attraction will illuminate and uplift your entire Life!
Lumari’s Guide to Crystals and Gems is a huge, extraordinary, 583-page reference book that contains the metaphysical and healing properties of over 200 of the most powerful and widely available gemstones. This gigantic, eBook is full of wisdom and energy about gemstones, crystals and more. It includes each stone’s Healing Attributes and Properties, Positive Benefits, Powers Of Attraction, Gemstone Energy Attributes, Metaphysical Properties, Chakras, Zodiac Signs, Birthstones, Astrological and Zodiac Correspondences, Color Connections, Precious Metals, Gemstone Colors and much, much more.

I also include a section GEMSTONE REALMS OF INFLUENCE, that reveals over 130 positive qualities and lists the gemstones that attract these beneficial energies.

GEMSTONE HEALING is a very strong element of this book. In the Healing TreeTM section I share deeper aspects of healing and the healing process. I also include the Healing TreeTM Chart of gemstones that aid in the healing process. This also gives you a glimpse into my upcoming book The Healing TreeTM.
I wrote this book so that everyone could have easy access, actually instant access to the metaphysical, healing and spiritual properties of stones. NOW you can connect with the properties of gemstones right on your computer, iPhone, iPad and laptop. All you have to do is Scroll, Click or Search to find any stone’s exceptional healing and metaphysical qualities.
Whether you are a Professional Jeweler, Mineral Dealer, Retailer, Collector, Metaphysician or Healer you can benefit from the wisdom in this guide. Once you begin to use this ebook, you’ll quickly discover its unlimited possibilities. When you are at a gem show, on a buying trip or shopping for gems just consult this book to discover a stone’s qualities. If a client wants to know the healing properties of a particular stone or piece of jewelry, you’ll find it all right on your laptop or iPhone.

Access this eBook at home or at work or on the road . . . anytime and anywhere. As an eBook PDF format, LUMARI’S GUIDE TO CRYSTALS AND GEMS helps save the environment while sharing profound information about the magnificent crystalsand minerals that actually make up our physical world.
Just Open This Book and You can immediately find out which gems and crystals will help you:
  • Boost love, fulfillment and joy in your life
  • Accelerate health, healing and well-being
  • Help you think clearly
  • Increase good fortune, wealth and the success of business ventures
  • Attract love, soul mates and improve your relationships
  • Increase spiritual energy and improve meditation
  • Magnetize money, abundance and prosperity
  • Live a life you love and fulfill your purpose and destiny
"Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems" is filled with stunning full-page photographs of
world-class gems and crystals from around the world
that truly illustrate the profound energies and beauty of these special stones.
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Most books cannot feature such large and detailed photos, but I have to share the real beauty of these stones! Many of the crystals in this book are in private collections of esteemed mineral collectors. Each Gemstone has a full page, breathtakingly artistic photograph that will help you really feel and sense the profound beauty and energy of each of the more than 200 gems and crystals.
The uses for this ebook are absolutely endless. At 583-pages, this gigantic, eBook is in a convenient, eco-friendly, paperless format that makes the properties, energies and gifts of gemstones immediately available.
Purchase Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems now, download it to your computer or smart phone in minutes and gain the benefits of a true connection with the healing, abundance, freedom, loving and spiritual qualities of the crystal realms.
With Many Blessings,
P.S. – Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems has come at a most important time. Our present paradigm shift —revealing the contract between those in harmony and stewardship of our world and those who objectify our planet—has brought us to a crossroads of global upliftment or global conflict. Now is the time to open your heart and connect with the wisdom, positive benfits and powers of gems and the mineral world to uplift yourself and everyone around you.
I really want to share this wisdom and energy with you! So, as my gift right now, and ABSOLUTELY FREE - download my ebook Lumari's Birthstones by Month! and get a small taste of the many gifts of the gemstone world and Learn about the powers of your birthstone.
About Lumari:
With clients worldwide, Lumari is an internationally recognized and sought after psychic consultant.Her clients include famous actors, musicans and artists, well-known business professionals, CEO's and individuals ready to transform their lives and their business. Her profound consultations and teachings are easy-to-understand, exceedlingly intuitive, clearly direct … and her methods work!